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Latest Struck Version is 1.06

Latest GridStack Version is 1.1

Latest Edition Version is 1.6

Latest District Version is 1.2.6

Latest ExtraNews Version is 1.4.9

Latest Aware Version is 1.4

Latest BigFormat Version is 1.4

Latest Bookcase Version is 1.54

Latest Ellipsis Version is 1.5

Setting up the Homepage

To set up the homepage you must create a new page. Navigate to Pages > Add New. You can give this page any title and you do not have to include any content. Select from “Homepage” from the “Page Attributes” section. Once you’ve selected “Homepage” for the “Page Attributes” section, click publish. Now that you have created your new page which uses a homepage template, navigate to Settings > Reading and configure the “Front Page Displays” setting. Select the static page option and choose the page you just created as your front page. Your homepage is now created and can be viewed by visiting your root URL.